Hose and Heels?

WOW!  It has been a while since I’ve posted here.  I’ve heard from some and you want to know what’s on my mind….  ALOT has been on my mind and in my heart.  And with my inability to remain focused, it’s been difficult to blog as often as I’d like. 

Yesterday I attended a Leaders Lunch with a group of ministry leaders from all over the Metroplex.  It was an amazing opportunity to learn a little about what some of these ladies are passionate about.  Let me say, I’m encouraged by seeing all that God is doing with people that I encounter.

The speaker brought a message regarding presentation skills.  I was intrigued by the topic, as I am always looking for ways to improve in this area.  Although there were many bullet points that I walked away with, one that stood out, was how important it is for me to dress in a way that grabs the attention of my audience. 

Many years ago, I hung up my hose and heels because I was moving into a season of my life where they were no longer needed.  Going home to be a stay at home mom in 1999 allowed me to put on my jeans, tennis shoes and tshirts with comfort and the ease of never looking back.   Today, even though I find myself back in an office environment, I’m seeing that hose and heels aren’t needed any longer here either.  So, why is it important to “dress for success”? 

I’m almost finished with John Eldredge’s latest book, Beautiful Outlaw.  I have enjoyed this book because it portrays Jesus, in many ways, as I have seen him.  A real person who could be, and was, different based on the company in which he kept.  He was who he was.  Some liked him, some didn’t. 

The Bible shows us many examples of different styles of dress.  Some wore linen, ephods, armor, camel hair, sackcloth, etc.  We can look at them and determine, in most cases, their social and/or emotional status based on attire.  What about today?  Can we determine someones social and/or emotional status based on attire?  It is my belief, that we can conceive and idea of who a person is based on that, but we can only really know a person by spending time with them.  It’s the heart of a person that tells you who they are. 

What I realized, is that in order for me to be taken seriously in my field, I need to make some changes.  The message of my life story is a very real one that God has given.  I realize that in order to speak God’s message of my life, I need to change some things in order to make a postive first impressive to an audience.  This will be difficult, as I’m very comfortable being me.  I also realize that no matter the dress, some will like and some will not.

As we are approaching a time where some will be dressing a part that more than likely will not be providing a true statement of who a person is, it’s fun to be something we’re not.  However, this is one day a year that I might, just might put on hose and heels for the occasion, or it maybe Blue Jeans and a Rosary?  😀  Either way, it’ll be fun for the day. 

Longterm for me…. I do believe it’s time for a change.  Maybe I’ve been a little too comfortable?  Maybe it’s time to dress as I want people “know” me?  Either way, one thing I know for sure is that it’s important for me to put on the full armor of God.  Without that, I realize that the adversary stands a chance to creep in.  Time to gird up my friends so that we can stand firm!  Ephesians 6.

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