Are you a Cheerleader?

If you would have asked me this during my high school years, I would have laughed and said are you kidding me. I love sports; playing, watching, predicting outcomes, etc. And yes I can even yell at players and refs with the best of them, but cheer leading…. UH, NO!

Then one day a man entered my life who was an all star athlete. He not only loved watching/playing sports as much as me, but he was good at them too. If it involved a ball, that man could play. That man, my husband of nearly 18 yrs, Richard Stowell.

I quickly (ok maybe I was a little hard headed and it wasn’t that quick) learned that being a cheerleader was a very important role. It wasn’t about being seen or heard (which scared me) but it was him knowing that I was in his corner, pulling for him, being excited about something he loved doing.

Through the years, I have attended many events and I will sometimes watch the cheerleaders. And my male friends are probably saying, yeah me too… LOL! But I watched in order to learn. Take the game of football. They cheer during the tough times of the game: When the offense is trying to push through the defense. When the QB completes a pass for yards gained. You get the idea… But one thing I also noticed, is that they cheer more enthusiastically when a goal is scored. Why? Because their team is one step closer to winning the game. And winning is what we all want. Some people, will tell you that winning isn’t everything. I’ll say that if it’s not, then don’t play. I mean really. If you feel the need to be doing something, just to be doing something, sports is not it. That’s my opinion. In order to win, you have to know where the goal is and how to get there.

Since Richard’s accident, many people have asked how I can still have hope, faith, peace. Honestly, I can’t explain it other than it is that peace that surpasses all understanding. It only comes from the Lord. My faith through this has never been tested, but strengthened.

You see, I became Richard’s cheerleader in life. Even when he was pushed back and lost yards. In life, those times were, when we were out of work, kids were sick, moved long distance from all that we knew, or losing friends/family for the sake of a cause. Whatever life throws you can be a “loss of yards”. Cheering in tough times can be tough.

As a Christian, I believe that the goal of life’s game is Heaven. I believe that Heaven is as real as the world is that we currently live in. Do we all get in? No. But you can. It’s your choice. On June 7, 2010 Richard scored life’s biggest point! He crossed the goal line! He won the game before us. And I cheered him on. Weird? Maybe to some. But remember, this whole cheerleading concept was weird to me before I met Richard. I’m still learning. The more I learn, the more God reveals himself in a great way.

Philippians 3 – I’m reaching for the goal that lies ahead.

Be a cheerleader, someone is counting on you.

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3 Comments on “Are you a Cheerleader?”

  1. Melody Leftwich Says:

    What an awesome outlook. Thanks for sharing. Don’t forget we’re cheering YOU on too.

  2. bluegoose88 Says:

    WOW! I needed that! David participated in Special Olympics and I LOVED cheering him on!

  3. Nicole Says:

    I continue to be amazed by what an inspiration you are. Richard was a pretty lucky man to have a cheerleader like you. xoxoxoxoxo

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